Nathanaël Schaeffer

I'm a CNRS researcher since 2007, working at ISTerre laboratory, located on the campus of Université Grenoble Alpes.

Research interests

In the geodynamo team, I'm interested in the dynamics of Earth's liquid core and magnetic field. In particular the dynamo effect and mechanisms that explain the self-generation of planetary magnetic fields from the motion of electrically conducting fluids. To study this phenomena, I mostly use numerical simulations with specialized codes that I develop in C/C++ or Python.

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Codes and libraries

SHTns : Spherical Harmonic Transform for Numerical Simulations

A highly optimized spherical harmonic transform, for regular grids or Gauss nodes. Probably the fastest and most flexible for direct numerical simulations of (magnetized) fluids. Freely available under a GPL-like license.

XSHELLS : eXtendable Spherical Harmonic Earth-Like Liquid Simulator

XSHELLS is a high performance simulation code for the rotating Navier-Stokes equation in spherical shells, optionally coupled to the induction and temperature equation. aka the geodynamo problem. Freely available under a GPL-like license.